• BOATS – Vapors: Free 20 Track Release

    January 29, 2014 Peter Merritt

    Those of you that reside in the Bay Area are most likely already familiar with BOATS, but if you’re not, he is DEFINITELY someone you want to be looking out for. He first came to my attention last year with several beats and remixes posted on his Soundcloud that sounded like a perfect blend of…

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  • Beshken- Doubt

    January 29, 2014 Mike Vincent

    Foundations Recordings is back at it, this time they are showcasing a new member on their roster by the name of¬†Beshken. The track starts off with a dreamy, hip hoppy vibe, and then quickly transitions to a more trap oriented feel with precisely placed rapid-fire snares and hi hats, while simultaneously maintaining a relaxed demeanor.…

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