• Partners in Grime – No Grime or Reason Mixtape

    November 14, 2014 Peter Merritt

    The current “finding new tunes” protocol for the average electronic music listener is as follows: 1. Get on Soundcloud. 2. Listen to each tune for roughly 10-15 seconds, skip ahead to the “drop”, or wherever they perceive the “drop” to be according to the waveform provided by Soundcloud. 3. Repeat for 15-20 tunes. 4. Get…

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  • Tzolkeen – Fall Rinse

    November 14, 2014 zac

    Tzolkeen is a new California resident, transplanted from Alabama. Since landing in Sacramento, he has joined up with the Chillage Records crew, so you can be sure his music is chock full of melody and squishy bass. Get at taste of Tzolkeen in his all original Fall Rinse mix! Tzolkeen Soundcloud | Facebook

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