• STYLSS Single 014: Kamandi & Jaga – FCKWTU

    January 28, 2015 Ben

    As far as combinations go, “Kamandi on STYLSS” ranks up there with “sex on washing machine” or “nutella on anything” in terms of satisfaction. Portland’s purveyors of atmospheric future bass, STYLSS, would be hard pressed to find a better suited producer than the fast-rising Kamandi for their newest single. Fresh from the fantastic “Claustrophobic” with Azizi Gibson, New Zealand’s…

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  • G Jones – new beats 2015 mixtape (19 unreleased tunes)

    January 27, 2015 Mike Vincent

    It’s always a good day when you wake up to see a brand spanking new G Jones mixtape sitting in your Soundcloud feed. This newest mix has 19 unreleased gems packed inside, including collaborations with Mad Zach and Footsie Newham. Greg takes us into some weirder, grimier vibes with this one; it’s refreshing to see artists venture…

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  • Terrorhythm Elements Runs the Purp with Amethyst (JD. Reid)

    January 22, 2015 Ben

    Terrorhythm has been a leading force in the resurgence of purple music this past year. Since setting up shop on the unpaved crossroad of purple, future bass, grime and trap, they’ve given voice to artists toying with those genre conventions and in the process turned that unpaved crossroad into a bustling intersection. Their latest release along this tangent, JD.…

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  • Mad Zach- Kräftig EP

    January 21, 2015 Mike Vincent

    Mad Zach originally hails from Santa Cruz, California, but has recently moved to Berlin to pursue his career further. Zach’s newest release, Kräftig, meaning “strong” in German, lives up its name. Attention to detail throughout this release may not be apparent to the average listener at first (of course none of our readers are average), however if you…

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  • Devin Kroes – Through The Window

    January 20, 2015 zac

    If you’re a frequent reader at BnC, you’re probably aware that we’ve got a lot of love for the melody driven squishy bass music coming from Chillage Records. The next installment of their catalog is a new EP from Devin Kroes, titled Through the Window. Devin fuses his love of electronic music with years worth…

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  • BnC Exclusive: SALO – Landing

    January 14, 2015 Mike Vincent

    Kurt Vonnegut‘s SALO, the Tralfamadorian explorer, was a robot built thousands of years ago and tasked to travel across the Universe to reach a distant galaxy. Unfortunately for him, he breaks down short of his goal and is stranded for millennia. Fortunately for us, the SALO that we have come to know and love resides safely in New Mexico,…

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  • BnC MIX 002: ONHELL

    January 13, 2015 Peter Merritt

    Over the past year, ONHELL’s special blend of RnB, bass music, and beautiful ambient melodies has been taking the West Coast by storm. Coming up out of Humboldt County, Angel Rubio-Hale, aka ONHELL came to the attention of the BnC staff when we stumbled upon his set on the main stage at Emissions West Coast Bass…

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  • STYLSS Gives Us Feelings with Ext’s One of the Moments LP

    January 7, 2015 Ben

    Ext‘s One of the Moments LP is sure to garner comparisons to Burial. It’s emotional, full of down-pitched voices and haunting atmospheres, and propelled by garage beats. While blogger math class teaches that feels + garage = Burial, there’s a lot more to Ext’s complex LP than biting some old Burial tunes. OOTM is a work of technical and…

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