• BnC EXCLUSIVE: Profresher – Launchpad

    March 31, 2015 Peter Merritt

    Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Billy Blacklight AKA Profresher has been pushing 808 bass music forward for longer than most can even remember. A producer with incredible range, his style has spanned from “crunk-flavored beats” and “neo-g-funk basslines” to synth-driven shiny beat music, even to drum ‘n bass. Profresher is one of those producers who has…

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  • BnC EXCLUSIVE: Nights (MHSM) – That Strange Feeling

    March 23, 2015 Peter Merritt

    Most of the time, when we think of Colorado electronic music, and especially the Mile High Sound Movement, we think of glitch-hop. We think of Vibesquad, Project Aspect, and Cloud-D. But there’s another side to the Colorado scene; a softer, more soulful, beat-music oriented side. Nights is the resident beat-music project of the Mile High Sound…

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  • Get Bodied by Gunkst and Terrorhythm

    March 21, 2015 Ben

    Terrorhythm‘s newest release comes courtesy of Denver’s Gunkst. With a shiny-but-ratchet sound that resides in the gaps between genres, Gunkst is a perfect fit for Terrorhythm’s dot-connecting taste in bass. His Bodied EP (available here) is a perfect taste both of his style and Terrorhythm’s direction as a label. “B Ball” opens the EP up with heavy…

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  • EDGEM’s Secret Garden EP and the Art of Emotionally-Actualized Grime Bangers

    March 17, 2015 Ben

    We live in a time of flourishing grime. Between Skepta and Novelist playing the young priest/ old priest of MC-led grime, Logos and Mumdance re-purposing the entire hardcore continuum to forward their abstract nu-vision, and Murlo and Dark0 repping the sweetboy riddim-makers of the game, there have been a ton of words written about the vitality and…

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  • BNC Mix 005: Digid

    March 10, 2015 Ben

    We’re massive nerds for 85 bpm. Whether it’s halftime dnb, slowfast purple music, weird bass experiments, jungle or footwork; we’re sure to be in the front of the crowd, firing gunfingers and bellowing our approval. To satiate our appetite for the sound, it was only natural to have Digid apply his dubby take on 85 to our mix series. The aforementioned…

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  • One Month of High Noon: 19 Tracks from the West Coast’s Trippiest Beat Cypher

    March 3, 2015 Ben

    High Noon is a pact between a group of West Coast creatives to complete new pieces of art every week throughout its three month run. Regardless of life’s challenges, the five producers and one visual artist involved have championed through to provide us with a wealth of aural and visual art. The producers here (VNDMG, Chase Manhattan, WERK, SOSAY…

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