• Dabow drops “Triple Shadow EP” on Mad Decent

    May 29, 2015 Mike Vincent

    Dabow isn’t your average producer. This Argentinian has been grinding incredibly hard recently, amassing over 10,000 followers on Soundcloud in a matter of months. Dabow rides a fine line between absolute disarray and calculated execution, with hard hitting 808’s coupled with all kinds of stabs running amuck. He’s been receiving massive amounts of praise from larger artists and labels, including Diplo’s…

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  • Exclusive Track: Deadcrow – Solemn

    May 28, 2015 Ben

    Holland’s Deadcrow first caught our attention with his free track via Saturate Records, “Nothing”. His synth-heavy approach to bass music is what we’re looking for here, an approach he’s continued with his new Solemn EP for BLCK Records. We’re happy to present the title track here as an exclusive. A smooth ride through space, “Solemn”…

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  • 11 Acts We’re Most Excited For At Northern Nights 2015

    May 27, 2015 zac

    Directly off CA 101, nestled in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, with one foot in Mendicino County and the other in Humboldt, lies Cooks Valley Campground. This gorgeous venue is where Northern Nights Music Festival will return for it’s 3rd year (July 17-19). NNMF was one of my favorite events of 2014, a delicious blend…

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  • BnC Mix 007: Moniker

    May 25, 2015 Ben

    My first exposure to Moniker came via our first BnC Mix, courtesy Bios and Zeke Beats. “Bogus” came in after Zeke’s infamous “Drugz”, and held its own with a banging beat and some of the glitchiest arcade bleeps in the game. I was worried this beat was lost when their laptop was stolen late last year, wiping away…

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  • Anton F and Terrorhythm Get Swaggy for Spring

    May 19, 2015 Ben

    Anton F is a unique character, he’s not content to let a good banger go unchanged, preferring to shift and mold his productions in unexpected directions. As he showed on his first Terrorhythm release in 2013, one can turn up and turn down at the same time, and his raucous rhythms are best when intertwined with downtempo melodies. This interplay of conflicting energy levels is present…

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  • Top 10 Acts To See At Emissions Music Festival

    May 12, 2015 Mike Vincent

    Emissions West Coast Bass Culture is this weekend, and we can hardly contain our excitement. While there are many people and things to interact with throughout the weekend, music unarguably takes center stage. With full PK and Void Acoustics rigs bumping for nearly 3 days straight (don’t forget about the beach stage!), your ears are…

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  • Mad Zach – Quantum Shock EP Review

    May 7, 2015 Ben

    It’s been a furious year for Mad Zach. Having already dropped his stellar Kräftig EP and fire remixes of DJ Pound and Frenquency, Zach is capping off his winter streak with a big offering on the home of this weird bass sound, Saturate Records. While Mad Zach may not have the fame of G Jones or Bleep Bloop (both of whom feature here),…

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