• Seapora – Seapop

    September 28, 2015 zac

    Seapora, is the voice of Annie Jacobsen, a Northern California musician who credits the state’s contrasting urban and natural landscapes as inspiration. Her newest release, Seapop, out earlier this month on Chillage Records, is a musical journey through this singers artistry, three years in the making. Seapop is the first of her three part Multidimensional Being…

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  • Dubstep Has Been Quietly Killing It This Year

    September 22, 2015 Ben

    2015’s been a strange one: EDM’s corpse is thoroughly decayed even though no one’s got around to writing an obituary, “future bass” is a flaccid mess of bandwagon-ers, and your friend who wouldn’t shut up about deep house last year just imported a BBK shirt. The only time dubstep seems to get mentioned is shitty blogs trying to make ad…

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  • Partners in Grime – The PiG Pen

    September 18, 2015 Mike Vincent

    Partners in Grime dropped their second mix of 2015, titled “The PiG Pen” the other day, and it is packed full of tunes that we rinse over here at Booms and Claps on the regular. Comprising of Seattle-based DJs Pressha and Kat1lyst, the Partners in Grime project has been releasing mixes under this project over the…

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  • BnC Mix 009: Zero Tep

    September 15, 2015 grytness

    Like most of us who have never been to Wisconsin, all we know of that alleged northern state is beer, bratwursts, and 90’s sitcoms about people in the 70’s. That changed for me earlier this year after surfing the net and discovering a collective known as Noh Life. With a unique twist on already twisted bass…

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