• Terrorhythm Makes Waves with Noah B’s Night’s Edge EP

    January 26, 2016 Ben

    Terrorhythm boss Plastician has been supporting “wave” music on his radio show for quite some time, but his relationship with the loosely-defined genre grew closer after his fantastic “Lights Out” mix heavily featured the sound. “Wave”, or whatever you want to call it (we’ve called music like this “sadboy beats” within the blog) isn’t new or revolutionary,…

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  • Soulacybin – Stazi

    January 15, 2016 zac

    Stazi is the latest full length album released on Gravitas Recordings by psychedelic dub producer Soulacybin. Creating an atmosphere of liquid beauty with his sonic paintbrush, this Colorado artist dives underwater for inspiration with a collection of crunchy aquatic tunes that ooze and groove with that Soulacybin sound we’ve grown to love. Basslines gurgle and slide…

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  • Saturate’s Mondaze Finest Freebies – Ranked By Dankness

    January 12, 2016 Ben

    Now that our friends at Saturate Records and Clap Your Feet have finished off another season of generous Monday morning downloads, it’s a good time to have a little post-game roundup on the offerings. I know I missed a bunch of these, so consider this a PSA to all bass music junkies needing a free…

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  • Bios Sets the Tone For 2016 With Debut EP “Ashki Chronicles”

    January 11, 2016 Peter Merritt

    As I sit in my kitchen, reflecting on the dynamics of the past several years of development in the worldwide bass music community, I feel hard-pressed to come up with a label that has been more influential in shaping the future of forward-thinking sound system music than Hamburg’s Saturate Records. With a knack for discovering heavy hitters before they…

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  • E-TY’s Mix On Bass Tribe’s New Winter Mix Series

    January 7, 2016 Mike Vincent

    Our friends over at Bass Tribe have started up a winter mix series, and this one has caught our immediate attention. Don’t know Bass Tribe? They originated as a weekly bass music event in San Diego and have since branched out to multiple locations throughout the US. One of their distinguished San Fransisco branch residents ET-Y delivers a hard…

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