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3 Ways Once Upon A Festival Will Be Better Than Foreverland

June 1, 2015Zac Krohn

While I’ve been to several different festivals over the years, last year was the first time I got a chance to to experience a festival in it’s inaugural year. Foreverland was announced towards the end of the season, right when I thought my summer had already wound down. The festival had a heavy focus on collaboration, several very talented groups came together to form the production company Paradigm Shift; Enchanted Forrest, An-Ten-Nae, Emersion (Nexus), Sacred Spaces, Pulse SF and more. The goal of this team was to create a fantasyland where pirates, fairies and lost boys all joined together in celebration.

A festival’s first year can be very crucial in determining it’s future and I’m really happy to say that not only did Paradigm Shift pull off a fantastic event, they’re returning again this year with help from more crews, an earlier date, and a new name. Once Upon A Festival is just 9 short days away (June 12-14th 2015) and held at their location from last year, East Park Reservoir. Continuing with the themes from last year, Once Upon A Festival encourages attendees to dress up and Be Your Own Character. Reality and imagination will collide, while we dance the night away to Funktion-One-flanked pirate ship stage. Although last year was a fantastic one, here are three ways we expect year two to be even better than the last!


1. More Water


Even though it’s going to be an earlier date this year, the California central valley is hot! Thankfully, word is, the reservoir is full this year! Just for comparison, last year it was only at 15% of it’s capacity, so expect a bigger floating stage, less mud, and more fun in the sun. Be sure to stock up on sunscreen, floaties and swim suits, but OUAF is asking that you leave all aquatic motor vehicles at home.

2. More Collaboration


One thing I love about this festival is how some each crew involved brings a bit of what they do best to the table. Some elements are very obviously specific to one of the participants, but nothing feels separate or out of place. This year Paradigm Shift has brought on the talent of two more personal favorite crews, Raindance and Envision. Raindance Campout has been my home festival for years. Unfortunately they were not able to throw their own event this year, so I’m really excited to see them helping out with this one! Lucidity team are also joining in the fun after wrapping up their event earlier this season. Additionally joining is the Desert Hearts crew who have been making waves in the Southern California house scene with their own new-ish festival.

3. More Lineup

Keeping their lineup diverse both in nationality and stylistically, OUAF has really upped the game with this years lineup. There are a ton of awesome acts scheduled to play and I could pick almost any to talk about at random, so pardon me while I skip over your favorite performer.

We’ll be getting a hefty serving of midtempo glitch from Sixis, Digital Rust, Mumukshu, and Staunch. Frenchman STWO and HW&W labelmate, Sweater Beats for the fans of chill future beats. For those more into the beautiful and melodic side of things, Emancipator, Random Rab and Kalya Scintilla will be sure to please. To top things off the Desert Hearts crew are bringing lots of house music including a 3 hour Mushroom Jazz set from the legendary Mark Farina. I’m also really excited for Andrelien who I’ve seen many times before but was really impressed with his latest LP Ergot Curry.

Buy your ticket here to jump aboard! 


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