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Anton F and Terrorhythm Get Swaggy for Spring

May 19, 2015Ben Carvalho

Anton F is a unique character, he’s not content to let a good banger go unchanged, preferring to shift and mold his productions in unexpected directions. As he showed on his first Terrorhythm release in 2013, one can turn up and turn down at the same time, and his raucous rhythms are best when intertwined with downtempo melodies. This interplay of conflicting energy levels is present on his new EP for Terrorhythm as well, four playful tracks that don’t break the mold, but tease it well enough to make this a recommended release.

The obvious highlight of the EP, “Swaggy” starts with some seriously wonky keys and follows with the best worldbeat instrumental since Peter Gabriel left the game. Let’s just say, if What So Not isn’t dropping “Swaggy” in every set this summer he’s fuckin’ up. “Blue Bubbles” wouldn’t sound out of place on Murlo‘s Into Mist EP for Rinse, as warbled synths glow and flow over a heavy 140bpm low end. “Murder” wants to be a straight-up banger, with its walloping kick and grating synth, but Anton F can’t resist adding those peaceful piano keys in there, once again upending expectations for the better. Rounding out the release, “Ferris Bueller” is a bass music hybrid which uniquely incorporates the spirit of older footwork tunes rather than the kicks, imbuing some lovely warmth into an otherwise straightforward track.

Cop this release now on Terrorhythm’s Bandcamp and check Anton F’s Soundcloud for more unique sounds.

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