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Artist Interview: G Jones

October 3, 2014Ben Carvalho

G Jones is known for being hard to pigeonhole. It’s definitely electronic music at its finest and it makes us dance, but to call it EDM or dubstep or trap misses the intricacy and variety found within his sets.  I’ve always referred to his music as minimalist triangulated purple bass because of this exact quandary (if you need to brush up on your poli sci terms click here).  G Jones is truly a polystylist of the bass scene though; he finds inspiration anywhere and everywhere and wraps it up into a weird, fractal painted box that’s probably filled with video game sounds, particles from outer space and 808 beats. 
G Jones will be coming through Portland, OR on October 17th as a part of Proper Villain Productions‘ Experience, Convergence: The Desert. You can RSVP/find out more here and buy tickets here.

Now that we’re in fall-mode and we just wrapped up summer festival season + Burning Man what would you say some of the most influential/incredible moments of the past few months were?

I don’t know about most influential… one of my favorite moments was definitely playing at Shambhala Music Festival in bc though, that festival is really something special.

This summer you also graduated from UCSC with a degree in fine art. How do you think working with such a wide variety of artistic modalities influenced your music?

To be totally honest I don’t think it influenced me very much except that it meant that when I was not working on music I was doing other creative projects, which I think kept me active intellectually on some level, and also for some reason I always get really inspired when I have something else I’m supposed to be doing (like studying for a test).

In your musical history, it seems that you were first working with live instruments before you began to make fully electronic music and become a producer. What were some of the challenges that you faced when you began to DJ your own music to create live sets?

I never really found playing sets that difficult because Ableton makes it fairly easy, once you have your beats warped out in a live set you can go between tempos really easily so for me its mostly just about playing the right tune at the right moment.

G Jones playing the late night Headtron stage at Lightning In A Bottle

You’re a social media wizard. How do you think this has affected your music career and what advice can you give other artists on using social media to promote themselves?

That’s funny because I really don’t think of myself as a social media wizard at all, I just post a lot of random shit, from clips of songs, to show flyers, to random notes etc. I don’t think you really have to do anything much to promote yourself on social media other than post enough for people to have something to interact with online, whether it’s a new track or interview or whatever.

What are you most excited for on your Mind Machine tour with Minnesota and Jackal? Should we be expecting even more upcoming Minnesota and G Jones collaboration?

I’m really stoked that my first bus tour is with someone I am actually good friends with already (Minnesota), and I’m also really stoked to meet Jackal because he’s a dope producer and I’ve been playing his beats in sets for a while now.

Your Minnesota vs. G Jones sets seem to be highly successful. What do you think makes that music relationship so incredible?

G Jones and Minnesota playing a versus set at Wobbleland in San Jose

I think it’s just that me and Christian like a lot of the same music and have fun doing the versus thing because it is something different than our solo sets that we are always
playing, and it’s fun to play a few tunes, then have the other guy jump in and play a few and then go from there. It’s just a really fun and exciting vibe and I think it gets the crowd stoked too.

One last question: What artists should we be listening to right now?

A few guys I really wanna shout out: Shlump, Grimecraft, Boats and Sayer are all Bay Area/Nor Cal bass music producers who are really crushing it right now but still relatively under the radar… super worth checking out !


Be sure to catch Mind Machine in a city near you!


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