• BnC Mix 009: Zero Tep

    September 15, 2015 grytness

    Like most of us who have never been to Wisconsin, all we know of that alleged northern state is beer, bratwursts, and 90’s sitcoms about people in the 70’s. That changed for me earlier this year after surfing the net and discovering a collective known as Noh Life. With a unique twist on already twisted bass…

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  • Sayer releases Process Animation via Saturate Records

    July 7, 2015 grytness

    Ever since I first became acquainted with Sayer’s music a few years ago in a bus in Southern Oregon, I have leaped at every opportunity to appreciate his tunes. If you aren’t aware of his sound, it is reminiscent of over-fueling the boiler in a steamship until it reaches criticality, and once its speed has…

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