• Urple Eeple – Lost in Motion

    April 18, 2016 zac

    Just in time to kick off those early summer vibes, Oakland’s Urple Eeple released his sophomore EP, Lost in Motion. Full of shiny synths, the aptly named EP gives the listener a feeling of cruising through a virtual worlds. Lost in Motion is influenced by artists such as Flume and 20syl, the sounds of the 80s, and a love for computer…

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  • Crunksauce Vol 5. Preview: SuDs – For You

    March 2, 2016 zac

    In anticipation of the 5th volume of their “Crunksauce” compilation series, the Chillage Records team has been releasing tracks one at a time with different underground bass music outlets. Showcasing West Coast producers specializing in bass oriented glitch, dubstep, trap, the Crunksauce name has become a standby for fans of West Coast underground. In addition…

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  • Spoken Bird – Liquid Soul Mantra

    February 10, 2016 zac

    Following up from his 2014 debut EP, How Old Is The Wind? Spoken Bird brings us three squishy tracks on his latest EP, “Liquid Soul Mantra”, released on Street Ritual. A founding member of Northern California based Chillage Records, Alex Gonzalez is known for his signature full bodied bass which speaks it’s own melody, gurgling…

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  • Soulacybin – Stazi

    January 15, 2016 zac

    Stazi is the latest full length album released on Gravitas Recordings by psychedelic dub producer Soulacybin. Creating an atmosphere of liquid beauty with his sonic paintbrush, this Colorado artist dives underwater for inspiration with a collection of crunchy aquatic tunes that ooze and groove with that Soulacybin sound we’ve grown to love. Basslines gurgle and slide…

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  • Summer Throwback Series: Northern Nights 2015

    November 23, 2015 zac

    Over the past decade we’ve witnessed an explosion of popularity in festival culture. New events have been popping up faster than you can figure out how to say “Shambhala”, with at least one fest booked nearly every weekend on the west coast. It’s a time when production crews have to create a really unique experience in order to…

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  • Summer Throwback Series: Once Upon a Festival 2015

    November 13, 2015 zac

    Sitting indoors on one of California’s first real rainy days in longer than I can remember, I can’t help but think of warmer times, hot summer days in the sun, dancing all night, sleeping in a tent…One of my favorite such adventures this year was at Once Upon a Festival, a fairytale themed gathering for pirates…

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  • Seapora – Seapop

    September 28, 2015 zac

    Seapora, is the voice of Annie Jacobsen, a Northern California musician who credits the state’s contrasting urban and natural landscapes as inspiration. Her newest release, Seapop, out earlier this month on Chillage Records, is a musical journey through this singers artistry, three years in the making. Seapop is the first of her three part Multidimensional Being…

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  • Lafa Taylor – Not One Thing Video and Interview

    August 18, 2015 zac

    Last year rapper/producer Lafa Taylor put out his first LP since 2006, “Not One Thing”. Today Lafa has put out the music video for the title track of this album. Co-Directed by Kyrian Bobeerian of the Fungineers and Lafa himself, this colorful video discusses how people don’t easily fit into a specific stereotypes just because…

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  • Crunksauce Vol IV brings new talent to Chillage Records

    July 9, 2015 zac

    Chillage Records are back at it again with the latest addition to their showcase compilation series, Crunksauce Vol 4. Known for their emphasis on thick juicy basslines, and for frequently incorporating their own live instrumentation, this collective of producers have established themselves as a serious force in West Coast bass culture. We’ve been following a…

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  • 3 Ways Once Upon A Festival Will Be Better Than Foreverland

    June 1, 2015 zac

    While I’ve been to several different festivals over the years, last year was the first time I got a chance to to experience a festival in it’s inaugural year. Foreverland was announced towards the end of the season, right when I thought my summer had already wound down. The festival had a heavy focus on…

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