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Baptize Your Heathen Earholes In Sudanim’s Pleasure Flood

September 5, 2014Ben Carvalho

*I highly recommend listening to this with monitors and a sub, or at least bump it in your car. This sort of music needs to immerse you to be fully appreciated.*

When you say a track is “banging”, what do you mean? Does it physically batter you into whimpering submission? Sudanim thinks it should. His beautifully named Pleasure Flood EP is the most impactful release yet from the impact-friendly Her Records. The “pleasure” here isn’t sensual in nature, but rather visceral. Intensity is the name of the game, and should you survive the onslaught you will emerge a better person; living freer and dancing harder than ever before.

Her Records, based in South London, has already smashed its way into my heart this year with a string of bombastic releases: from Miss Modular‘s Reflector Pack/Cruzer Edge to Sudanim’s The Link EP and the vowel-averse CYPHR‘s Brace/Gloss Finish, each new batch of tracks has been an evolutionary leap to a new species of club music. (Don’t miss their recent, massive compilation either)

In Pleasure Flood, we hear Sudanim at his most aggressive. Whereas The Link EP grooved with a rhythmic playfulness, Pleasure Flood is a full-blown aural attack. The kicks are insistent, the percussion is violent, and the ambiance is downright frightening. Take “Abondance”, a love song to metallic textures over a gut-churning kick pattern, it assaults you with fierce drums, high-velocity hi hats, slashing swords and some outstandingly intricate clockwork. Sudanim then throws it all together for a finale that liable to bring even the hardiest of steel workers to their knees. Elsewhere, the title track of Pleasure Flood is the UK funky tune from hell, or at least from the furnace room of an abandoned and haunted factory now used for raves and animal sacrifices. Rounding out the release, Norway’s Drippin turns in a remix of “Pleasure Flood” that keeps the violence and cranks up the dance floor pressure and Amotion turns its metallic grunts to a “Hey” chant for his 100bpm melodic twerk session.

From a mixing/mastering perspective, 2014 has been host to some fantastic, visceral soundstages (Sophie – “Hard”, M.E.S.H. – “Scythians” and Objekt – “Balloons” for starters) and Her Records output is up there with the best of them. Expect even more madness from this crew soon.

Pick up Pleasure Flood on Her Records Bandcamp and listen to it loud.
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