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Bass Coast Appreciation – BnC Mix 011: Mat The Alien (Live at Slay Bay)

February 3, 2016Peter Merritt

The term “West Coast Bass Music” gets thrown around quite a lot in discussions of low-end frequencies in North America. Many refer to the “West Coast Bass Music SCENE” and how thriving it is. Unfortunately, discussions of this scene largely focus on Bay Area club nights, California festivals, and the producers and DJs of this area, while the rest of the “West Coast” appears to exist in some alternate universe. However, several hours up the coast from the supposed epicenter of West Coast Bass, there is an equally thriving scene in British Columbia, Canada, that in my opinion, outshines that of California’s by quite a bit.

Of course, the bass music scene in B.C. is multi-faceted, and there are innumerable parts that are crucial to making up the whole. However, there are two pillars of this scene that stand out to me personally: Bass Coast Festival (and by proxy, The Librarian) and Mat the Alien. These two pillars, nay, dare I say INSTITUTIONS of bass music in British Columbia have been key in developing an underground electronic music scene in the area for years on end, and show no sign of stopping anytime soon.

This past summer, I had the incredible opportunity to go to Bass Coast 2015 in Merritt, B.C. The fact that I share my last name with the town of Merritt, coupled with the prospect of leaving the United States for the first time in my life… Let’s just say I was excited. I had been seeing the amazingly curated Bass Coast lineups for years, and had been told time and time again that the vibe and aesthetic of the festival blew any event in the States out of the water. Eventually, it became not a choice, but an inevitability that I would attend.


Thank you Neil McElmon!

My experience in Merritt was second to none. From the absolutely stunning festival grounds, to the countless world-class musical performances, to the phenomenal sound quality (sound system culture in Canada FAR outshines that of the States… Listen up California!), to the amazing food (who would think that Canadians would do tacos so well?), to the more-than-beneficial US to Canadian currency conversion rate. I honestly don’t have a single bad thing to say about my time at Bass Coast last year. Actually, we stopped at a shitty diner on our way back to the US. Come on, Bass Coast, step your game up. (Just kidding)

The music at Bass Coast was, of course, incredible. There really is nothing like it in North America. The number of bucket list international acts on the lineup every year is nothing short of staggering. In 2015, standout performances included J:Kenzo, Om Unit, Sam Binga, Sinistarr, G Jones, EPROM, The Librarian, GREAZU$, and Mat the Alien. The latter especially stood out because of his connection to the festival (and his unbelievable skills as a turntablist and wealth of DJing experience). Mat has a close relationship with the Bass Coast crew and has been supporting the festival for years, in addition to being a local to the area. This year, he played two sets at the festival, one peak-time high-energy set at the Pirate Radio stage, and a day-time vibey ragga influenced set at the Slay Bay stage.


Mat The The Alien at the Slay Bay. Thank you Neil McElmon!

As a mid-winter gift to all of the heads out there dreaming of festival season, (remembering last year and looking forward to this summer) we’ve teamed up with Mat to release the second of his two sets at the festival; his day-time set at Slay Bay. It’s a warm relaxing journey through dub, ragga, trap, jungle, drum and bass, dancehall, and everything in between. Without giving away too much, Mat’s decades of experience as a DJ really shine through in this mix. The scratching, track selection, flow, and mixing are all professional grade, and the shout-out drops from heavy hitters such as Sam Binga don’t hurt either. Without further ado, Booms and Claps is proud to present: “BnC Mix 011- Mat the Alien Live at Bass Coast 2015”

Don’t forget that Bass Coast 2016 is quickly approaching! Tickets are on sale and moving fast, Tiers 1 + 2 are already sold out! Grab yours today here! We’ll see you in Merritt!

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