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Billy Kenny – Twisted Speaker EP

November 15, 2013Ben Carvalho

Billy Kenny, after putting out a stream of bass-heavy house and garage remixes the past two years, has embarked on a wholly original effort with his Twisted Speaker EP. While not his first original tracks, they are definitely his finest. Choosing to move away from his more abrasive bassline synths, this EP is full of soulful refrains and sub bass while keeping with the funky swing of his previous work. The highlight here is the original mix of We Don’t Sleep, using both melancholic builds and booming wobbles to full effect.

I highly recommend following this man, out here on the West Coast we’ve been witness to an explosion of this sound, and it only looks to grow further. Check his Soundcloud for a generous helping of free tunes and mixes.

Billy Kenny on FacebookSoundcloud

Buy Twisted Speaker EP on Beatport

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