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Bleep Bloop – Feel The Cosmos EP

September 10, 2014Ben Carvalho

August 15th, most of the Booms and Claps crew converged on Portland, Oregon to partake in a holy sacrament of bass administered by the Reverend Bleep Bloop. Though he shared the stage with fellow men of the cloth Eprom, Buku and Yheti, Bleep Bloop’s space-bass orgy made the biggest impression of them all. The sheer power of his 808 drops left us in awe, while his grime basslines and off-kilter rhythms had gunfingers high and asses low.

Bleep Bloop’s set was also a great preview of his stellar Feel The Cosmos EP, out free now via BnC favorite Saturate Records. This is music made to be blasted from stacks of speakers, and that field test was rabidly successful. Bleep Bloop captures the astral-traveling, psychedelic paranoia of a 2:00 AM festival set perfectly here, balancing bombastic beats for dancers with a bevy of weird sounds for those spun kids huddled next to the sound booth. Here are my favorite tracks from the proceedings, along with futile attempts to comprehend Bleep Bloop’s sacred madness:

Bats mutant-space-bats-of-doom-dos-screenshot-title
Coming in with a buzzing melody that makes my brain glitch, I’m convinced the bats sampled herein are not of this planet. In fact, this track recalls the first time I encountered cosmic bat-beings, 1994’s Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom. Like those Bats of Doom, “Bats” invades your psyche with overwhelming force, leaving you in a puddle of defeat.

I’m a sucker for a grime beat, and Bleep Bloop threw down a massive one here. “Hovercraft” is a beast, with a bassline on par with the best of the UK’s current crop of nu-grime purveyors. Bleep Bloop isn’t content with the hardcore continuum however, and takes this track to the next level by stirring a demented, funhouse-of-the-devil melody into this wicked concoction.

For most, the highlight of Feel The Cosmos will be the ode to all things West Coast: Mosquito. From the paranoid synth lead and all those lovely metallic pipe sounds to the booming 808’s and the wicked explosion of the second drop, this is a glorious trip through some of our favorite sounds and textures. The Reverend has taken the sounds forged by the likes of Eprom and NastyNasty to the next level here, and I can tell you first-hand this one sends the dance floor into hysteria.

If you can’t tell, we’re huge fans of Bleep Bloop’s particular brand of madness. Stay tuned, as there were some even more unreleased tracks I heard last month still destined to wreak havoc on the cosmos.

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