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BnC EXCLUSIVE: Nights (MHSM) – That Strange Feeling

March 23, 2015Peter Merritt

Most of the time, when we think of Colorado electronic music, and especially the Mile High Sound Movement, we think of glitch-hop. We think of Vibesquad, Project Aspect, and Cloud-D. But there’s another side to the Colorado scene; a softer, more soulful, beat-music oriented side.

Nights is the resident beat-music project of the Mile High Sound Movement, a collaborative effort of Denver producers Pheno and Olympus Mons. While both coming from bass music backgrounds, they chose to take a different direction with their music, drawing on influences from labels like SoulectionNinja Tune, and Brainfeeder.  Their tunes represent something that is often lost in the turn-up culture of today’s electronic music scene: beauty. Nights clearly places their focus on the vibe and aesthetic of the track as opposed to the “drop”, which is a refreshing breath of cool air.

That Strange Feeling” is the first single from their first full length LP, being released soon on the MHSM label, entitled “Phoenix Down”. It takes the listener on a sonic journey through the mountains of Colorado, with enchanting chords and a mesmerizing house-y drum pattern that will have your head bobbing for days. Check out the tune below, and don’t forget to grab the free download!

Check out Nights on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.

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