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BnC Mix 001: Bios x Zeke Beats – Saturated Summer Mixtape

October 24, 2014Ben Carvalho

When we decided to host a Booms and Claps mix series, we wanted our first edition to double as a mission statement, representing the bass-laden and weird sounds we obsess over every day. Our ideal selector for this mission statement has always been Bios, the man in charge of BnC’s favorite label: Saturate Records. Based in Hamburg, Germany, Saturate Records has been at the forefront of bass music for years, calling attention to artists such as G Jones, Herobust, Ganz and Krampfhaft well before they became hot commodities.

Bios is in the process of revealing another amazing producer to the world now, in fact, as next week marks the first Saturate release for Australia’s Zeke Beats. Get used to that name, as this forthcoming EP is one of the craziest things I’ve heard all year, and is sure to rocket him to bass-music-stardom (which is like regular stardom but with less money and more hat pins).

It’s in promotion of that forthcoming release we are able to present you with the Bios x Zeke Beats – Saturated Summer mixtape. Full of unreleased fire from Eprom (my favorite Eprom dub), Mr Carmack & Jacuzzi, Hudmo, G Jones, Ta-Ku, Bleep Bloop and Zeke Beats himself (seriously, this man is crushing it right now), Saturated Summer is a selection of the madness the Saturate camp has been playing out all summer and a tease of what’s to come from one of bass music’s finest imprints.

Bios and Zeke Beats absolutely blew us away with this mixtape. The selection is insane, the mixing is full of genius transitions and blends, and Zeke Beats’ expert scratching over the top takes it all to another level. When we all listened for the first time, our BnC chat window filled with far more “OMG!!”‘s than a group of grown men should ever utter. You can stream/download this mix straight from Soundcloud, please share around liberally, as Bios, Saturate and Zeke Beats deserve tons of recognition for this beast. Also, be sure to snag Zeke Beats’ Pay Attention EP next week, we’re serious when we say it’s kind of a big deal.

*The tracklist will unlock once Zeke Beats’ EP drops 10/31, please feel free to guess or ask for ID’s in the meantime. We will reward correct guesses with bonus internet coolness.

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