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BnC Mix 006 – PRSN

April 21, 2015Peter Merritt

As you may have noticed, we at Booms and Claps are extremely down with everything that can be described as “slowfast”. If there were ever a term to describe PRSN‘s style, this would be it.  Incorporating elements of higher tempo genres at half the speed and alternating between the rhythmic patterns of dancehall, hip-hop, and footwork creates the vibe that his mixes are both slow and fast at the same time. His unique blend of the aforementioned genres, in addition to 808 bass music and halftime drum n’ bass is original and refreshing, and his flow and crate-digging abilities as a DJ are deeply impressive. With the official stamp of approval from respected heavy hitters such as the The Librarian and the We Got This Crew, PRSN is quickly becoming one of the most prominent DJ’s in not only the Pacific Northwest, but the entire West Coast. We couldn’t be more excited to present his most recent mix as the 6th installment in the BnC Mix Series.

PRSN‘s contribution to our mix series includes tunes from the likes of Booms and Claps favorites Fracture and ChimpoStagga, and a whole host of other artists that PRSN found and you didn’t, because he’s got it like that. If you’re picking up what he’s putting down, go ahead and give him a like or a follow on social media, and most importantly, if you ever get the chance, make a point to see him do his thing in a live setting. From personal experience: being on the dance floor during a PRSN set is definitely where you want to be.

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Album Artwork by Molly Brooks


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