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BnC Mix 007: Moniker

May 25, 2015Ben Carvalho

My first exposure to Moniker came via our first BnC Mix, courtesy Bios and Zeke Beats. “Bogus” came in after Zeke’s infamous “Drugz”, and held its own with a banging beat and some of the glitchiest arcade bleeps in the game. I was worried this beat was lost when their laptop was stolen late last year, wiping away much of their unreleased catalog in the process. Jacob Tullos and Brandon Reid, the men behind the Moniker, seem to have only grown from that setback however. Not only is “Bogus” still alive, but fast forward seven months and here they are with their own mix, in advance of their debut Saturate Records release. I’m very impressed with these boys, despite being lesser known in the bass game their sound is cohesive and, as you’ll hear in this mix, absurdly hype.

Prepare yourself for 38 minutes of adrenaline, as this may be the most energetic mix in our series yet. A pleasing mix of Saturate-ready trippy bass beats and the uneven, 808-heavy fare Soulection reps, this thing is just chock-full of heaters. All the more impressive then, that a large chunk of these tracks are Moniker productions. Expect more from these boys, they’re anything but bogus.

Catch Moniker’s Saturate EP May 26th, and follow then on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Moniker – Secret Meeting
Moniker – Secret Meeting (BANGANAGANGBANGERS Remix)
Party Thieves & QUIX – House Party
QUIX – Chemistry
DJ Pound – Thought Machine (Boats Remix)
Meek Mill – Levels (Baht Remix)
Masayoshi Iimori – Grand Loop
Moniker – Bars
D Double E – Lovely Jubbly (Moniker Remix)
Moniker – The South
Da-Bow – the last round he was going to fight
Baht – Glass
Moniker – Samurai Destiny
Moniker – Thousand Bit
Moniker – ???
Da-Bow – Look Around
Noer The Boy – Ring
Gylzeyy – Neoteric
Herzeloyde – labninja
Noer the Boy & Zero Tep – Send Help
KRNE – Tracer
BANGANAGANGBANGERS – Elevate (Moniker Remix)
Moniker – GK
Moniker – ???
Moniker – Cracked
Moniker – Bogus
Moniker – Fat with a PHD


Art by Molly Brooks.

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