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BnC Mix 009: Zero Tep

September 15, 2015Dylan Grytness

Like most of us who have never been to Wisconsin, all we know of that alleged northern state is beer, bratwursts, and 90’s sitcoms about people in the 70’s. That changed for me earlier this year after surfing the net and discovering a collective known as Noh Life. With a unique twist on already twisted bass music, I was captivated by artists such as Noer the Boy, Strehlow, and Dehku. After some digging, I happened upon the yung Zero Tep, who was kind enough to grace us with this mix.

Zero Tep’s range of production is just about as eclectic as the drums he peppers into each of his tracks, and throughout this mix his chops are clearly on display with sounds ranging from cataclysmic 808 bangers, greasy grime edits, and future-esque beats with enough glisten and shine to blind you. I highly recommend keeping an ear out whenever he drops new tracks, because he is consistently bringing the sonic equivalent of heat to the table.

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Zero Tep & Dehku & Strehlow – Villanos
Bleep Bloop/Wiley – Angler Fish/Step 20 (Zero Tep Edit)
Zero Tep – Goblin
Zero Tep & Noer the Boy – That One
Zero Tep & Noer the Boy & Kkami – Lost
Zero Tep & Noer the Boy & Kkami – Lost (Strehlow Remix)
Zero Tep – Unrest
Zero Tep – ‘Downers’ II
Zero Tep & Noer the Boy & Kkami – Steamroller
Zero Tep & Noer the Boy – Send Help
Birdmaster Kevin – Can’t Understand It (Zero Tep Remix)
Zero Tep – Lookin Good/Ridin Slow
Jib Kidder – Windowdipper (Zero Tep Edit)
Dr. Derg – Lean in My Cup
Zero Tep – Famous
Clap! Clap! – Kuj Yato
Zero Tep – ???
Zero Tep – ???
DJ Quik – Pitch In On A Party
A. G. Cook – What I Mean
Zero Tep – Feels Soooo
Bruce Smear – Junktion


Graphic by Molly Brooks Art

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