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BnC Mix 010: Tiber

October 6, 2015Peter Merritt

As a music blogger and DJ, a lot of my time is spent scouring the deep, dark depths of the mystical realm known to most as “Soundcloud”. Every once in a while, I come across a sonic gem in a confusingly distant corner of this mystical realm that appears to have been previously undiscovered by the other miners wading through the festival trap, “Faded” remixes, and “deep house” that has come to populate the Soundcloud kingdom. These sonic gems provide a sense of motivation; a sense of purpose, if you will, to the lives of music bloggers and DJ’s.

Australia’s Tiber is one such gem. Several months ago, I discovered Tiber in one of those distant corners of the internet (otherwise known as Australia, apparently), when he had roughly 300 followers on Soundcloud (i.e. DJ/blogger’s “golden territory”). I was immediately drawn in by his track “i ain’t playin”, a 65 BPM knocker that has a unique beat structure, making it seemingly roll along faster than its true tempo. I was further intrigued by his wonky flip of Kendrick Lamar’s  “Alright”, that comes correct with some absolutely earth-shattering 808’s that give even low-end kick drum heavy hitters like Loud Lord a run for their money. Since then, Tiber has been on an absolute rampage, dropping game-changing heaters on at least a weekly, sometimes daily basis. He’s more than quadrupled his Soundcloud following in the months since I discovered him, and is undeniably well on his way to being an extremely relevant presence in the forward-thinking beat music game. I immediately knew that I had found something special when I came across his tunes, and figured it would probably be for the best if we swooped him up for a mix before he broke through into stardom and had no time for underground bass music blogs in the Pacific Northwest region of the ol’ U-S-of-A. Without further ado, I present the tenth installment in the Booms and Claps Mix Series: “BnC Mix 010: Tiber“.

Album Artwork by Molly Brooks Art.

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Tiber – Power (unreleased)
Keenan Mathias – stupid pink idiot
Lux.impala – Stahp
Hati – Brilliant
Madbliss – No Roof
Tapecut – Threat
Herzeloyde – myhussle
Pyrmdplaza – Pong
Tibe X Falcxne – CHEA (unreleased)
Thook – 40 on dust
josh pan – Give It To Ya
kuma – Sumimasen
Swindail & Atlantic Haze- Thunderstorm
Kagwe – Vomit
strngr. – VOID
Montel2099 – bae bae
Tibe ft. Planet Giza – still in love
Chinaka – Secu Secu
Herzeloyde – Dream
Mvpvche – Bazofia
Tiber – Warrior (unreleased)
Aybner – Oshi
Nnifty – Why you type so fast
Outlit – Tension (Final Hour)
Manitee & Sober Rob – Yangtze
KRNE x Alexander Lewis – Kids Eat Free
Manitee & Sober Rob – Thermite
Mr. Carmack – Solutions ft. Donnis
Alexander Lews – 3
Rage Logic – Cloudsss
Gravez – Rizen
Napkn – Lye
fzpz – Practice Taichi
Manitee & strngr – kraken
inimicvs – future
Explore – things aint the same

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