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BnC Mix 012: jamie blake

April 6, 2016Peter Merritt

If you’ve been on the internet even once in the past several years, you’ve noticed that the vibey Soundcloud R&B sound has skyrocketed in popularity. Ciara remixes with 100,000 plays are commonplace for everyone with a bucket hat in 2016. As with any trendy style of electronic music however, the sound begins to homogenize, and the producers with originality and unique ideas immediately stand out, as the others… fall to the wayside. One such unique producer who has stood out to the BnC crew in a sea of uninspired beatmakers is Seattle, WA’s jamie blake. His sound is fresh, clean, and unpretentious. His melodies are light years ahead of most, and his rhythmic flow is unmatched and infectious. His drums hit hard when they need to, and fall back when they don’t (something a lot of producers seem to struggle with). His vocal chops are diverse, ranging from haunting to cheery and content, and his mixdowns are always warm and full. His music is egoless, yet speaks for itself. Naturally, the heavy hitters in the game have taken notice, landing jamie features in the Team Supreme cyphers and plays on Soulection Radio from the likes of bossman Joe Kay. jamie blake is the future of emotional dance music. Without further ado, I present BnC Mix 012: jamie blake.


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