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BnC Mix 015: Subp Yao

August 2, 2016Mike Vincent

Excitement levels were high when I found out one of my favorite European producers, Subp Yao, was going to be playing Emissions this year. It’s always extremely exciting when festivals book European talent that you would otherwise not be able to see on the regular touring circuit. Hype was high for his daytime set, and he definitely delivered.  There was always talk of him doing some type of collaboration with Booms and Claps, and after seeing his set at Emissions and solidifying friendship, we knew it was time for a Subp Yao X Booms and Claps Guest Mix.

Both Subp Yao’s productions and mixes never sit on one particular sound; you’re always on your toes. With this mix, he intended on representing the fresher sounds coming out of both the North America and Europe beat scenes. This mix covers west coast bass, wonky halftime beats, trap, and everything in between. Unreleased goodness from the man himself, YunisNastyNasty, and Bleep Bloop are found sprinkled throughout the mix as well. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

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