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BnC Mix 017: Tiger Fresh

August 23, 2016Peter Merritt

It should come as no surprise that we’re big fans of the West Coast based We Got This collective here at Booms and Claps. With unique and diverse producers and DJs like Chase Manhattan, Chrome Wolves, SPEKt1 and Tiger Fresh representing their sound, the collective is a shining beacon of West Coast bass music culture. Their champion blend of dancehall, rap, grime, and bass music portrays the culture they strive to represent perfectly, and as ambassadors of the vibe, it’s clear that their priority falls on the sound, not the hype.

Unfortunately, as well all know, the team at Soundcloud has been slamming down the hammer of “justice” recently, and few have escaped their destructive reach of account deletion.  Two fallen soldiers of the fight for true justice have sadly come from the We Got This camp, in the form of their collective account, as well as resident sadboi Tiger Fresh’s personal account. In loving memory of these fallen soldiers, we decided to invite Mr. Sad T. Fresh himself on board for the next installment of the Booms and Claps Mix Series, and the result turned out to be the perfect somber dedication, remembrance, and tribute that these brutally murdered accounts deserve. Without further ado, I present BnC Mix 017: Tiger Fresh.

R.I.P. The We Got This and Tiger Fresh Soundcloud Accounts (???? – 2016)

Be sure to follow their new accounts here: Tiger Fresh and We Got This


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