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BnC Mix 021: Aztek

September 29, 2016Mike Vincent

As many of you might already know, we host a monthly event in Portland, OR every 3rd Saturday at The Liquor Store, and last month we were privileged to have none other than Aztek from Salt Lake (formerly Chicago) play for us. Since he’s now played one of our shows, it’s only natural that we have him as part of our online mix series as well. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve most definitely heard his tracks played out live or in mixes. His mixing style and selection is undeniably unique; he spans multiple genres in minutes without anyone batting an eye, and he’s never afraid to get a little silly. We’ve been pretty stoked about this one for a while and are pretty excited let this one out of its cages.


With ongoing support from the fine people at Rogue Agency, Courteous Family, and Them Flavors, this is just the beginning for Aztek.  Sit back, relax, take a peek through the event pictures, and enjoy. If you listen carefully you might even hear some vocal samples by some of the staff 😉

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