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BnC Mix 023: Gangus

October 27, 2016Mike Vincent

Denver, Colorado has been known for a while now to have quite a vibrant electronic music community, and this week we’re proud to showcase some talent from the mile high sound club. Gangus has established himself in the world of internet bedroom producers, and for good reason. This dude creates some of the most unique trap/beat music (whatever you wanna call it) out there. In the realm of internet music it’s sometimes hard to distinguish producers from each other with how oversaturated electronic music has become, but Gangus has managed to forge his own sound, setting himself apart from the unfortunate phenomenon of so many producers merely copying what is cool. Enjoy.

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Dot Rotten – This year

Jelacee – Miley Cyrus

KIN x Gangus x Dr. Derg – Old Chub Pt. II

Tsuruda – Zac’s Demise

Zero Tep x Noer the Boy x Indigo Beck – The Trapture

Proko – Make It Work

DMVU – Bloccd

Myro – Playa (Hydraulix & Oski Remix)

Dr. Derg x Holly – No Calls [Gangus VIP]

Tsuruda – ???

Graves x Aya – Truth

Dabow x Quix – Like That

C Y G N – Pop A Cherry

Bleep Bloop x Sayer – Baka

AWE – Rotor

SubtomiK – Bangin! – (Dabow Remix)

DJ Snake x Alunageorge x Tchami – You Know You Like It (Hedex Bootleg)

Gangus – Bundles

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