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BnC Mix 033: OAKK

September 27, 2018Peter Merritt

Booms and Claps Mix 033 comes to us from one of Calgary, AB’s finest exports: the ever-consistent, diverse, and tasteful OAKK. We’re big fans of Western Canada’s bass music output, and OAKK is a delicious and integral slice of that Canadian crop. His sound tells a tale of refined beauty, unpredictability and spontaneity, and pure graft. It’s minimal, yet explosive… soft, but speaks loudly… serious, but playful. Something we find admirable in a producer is never taking the obvious route in production and composition, and that’s the name of the game for OAKK: each track explores new territory while retaining the familiarity of his signature sound. Coming off a huge set this summer at Merritt, BC’s Bass Coast Festival, a phenomenal release on Greazus’ Aufect Records imprint in May, and a big year for his club night in Calgary, “New Wave”, 2018 has seen impressive growth for OAKK, and we’ll undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on him in 2019.

Almost as impressive as his productions are his skills as a DJ, and this mix is a clear representation of his talent as a selector. Ranging from UK drill rap, dark 130 breaks, dubstep, footwork jungle, 85 bpm wonky hip-hop beats, halftime stompers, and several of his own vocal bootlegs and DJ edits, OAKK really goes the distance here and displays his commitment to diversity, flow, and distinctiveness. His ability to tell a cohesive story while covering a vast amount of ground musically is nothing short of striking. Without further ado, we’re proud to present BnC Mix 033: OAKK.


Kojey Radical – Water Intro
Kojey Radical – If Only
Belly Squad – Missing
Addison Groove – Shango (Subp Yao Remix)
Bakongo – Awe
Biome – Weekend
OAKK – Canta/Baile
Martyn Bootyspoon – The Grid
Rastronaut – Altos
MeLo-X – Xtra Drop
Addison Groove & DJ Die – Standard Affair
Lady Leshurr – New Freezer
OAKK – Bezier Curve
Samba – Tsss
JD Reid – Different (ft. Bossman Birdie & Ghetts)
Ocean Wisdom – Revvin’ (ft. Dizzee Rascal)
Graintable – Eighth to an Ounce
Sinjin Hawke – Yeah Hoe (ft. Gangsta Boo)
Valee – Womp Womp (ft. Jeremih)
Dreezy – Bad Bitch
Itoa – Turbo Sideman
Itoa – Hush Hush
Sinistarr – 55555
The Game – Wouldn’t Get Far (OAKK Remix)
great dane – dirty daddy (OAKK Remix)
Alix Perez – U
Razat – D Shieeet
Halogenix – Bleh (VIP) x EPROM – Hurricane (OAKK DJ Edit)
Corrupted – Dead End
OAKK – Feeling So
Tweet – Oops (Oh My)(OAKK Remix)
Missing – Mirror
Ivy Lab – Ugly Bubble
Tim Parker – Slanted
Missy Elliott – One Minute Man (OAKK Remix)
Stray – Since You’ve Been Gone

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