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BnC Mix 039: Sinistarr

March 13, 2019Peter Merritt

While most of his releases have been on UK DnB and bass music labels like Metalheadz, Exit Records, Hospital, and 20/20 LDN, Jeremy Howard AKA Sinistarr is unapologetically Detroit to the bone. His music fits in as comfortably at a Chicago ghetto-tech and juke party as it does at a Bristol jungle rave or LA beat music showcase, and his deep techno and electro roots shine through clear as day in his productions and DJ sets. This raw Midwest approach to the sounds of British uptempo bass music and American hip-hop creates a diverse and unique sound unlike any other in the scene. Sinistarr truly stands alone as a pioneer in bending the often rigid and intimidating “rules” of traditional drum and bass. While the hybrid sound of footwork, jungle, halftime DnB, beats, and hip-hop is now relatively accepted in the drum and bass community, that wasn’t always the case, and Sinistarr was a trailblazer in changing that dynamic and loosening up the decades-long establishment of strict “DRUM AND BASS ONLY” rigidity in the DnB scene.

Coming off a big year of touring the world and some great releases on a few up-and-coming labels like Beat Machine Records and Booms and Claps favorite Unchained Recordings, Sinistarr is poised for a very successful 2019 with tons of cool projects in the works. Today happens to be his birthday, and we couldn’t be more excited that he’s decided to grace us with a phenomenal mix of sounds he’s feeling to celebrate. Anytime you hear the infamous “LET’S MOVE” Slick Shoota sample straight out of the gate, you know you’re in for a ride. Sinistarr covers all the bases on this one, from bangin’ drum and bass rollers to some huge unreleased beats from the likes of Canadian all-stars OAKK and Groves. Without further ado, we’re proud to present BnC Mix 039: Sinistarr. Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

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