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BnC Mix 041: Leland River

May 8, 2019Mike Vincent

Since catching his performance at Bass Coast Festival in 2018, Vancouver, BC based producer/DJ Leland River has quickly become one of our favorite selectors on the West Coast. His ear is impeccable, especially for vibey 140 bpm tunes that span from grime and rap to dubstep, club music, and downtempo, and his productions are top-notch to boot. A truly remarkable skill as a DJ is to take a collection of relatively low-energy tracks and weave them together into an exciting journey that flows smoothly and keeps the listener engaged, and that’s exactly what Leland does with his mixes. Once again, British Columbia has blessed us with another talented artist with a knack for high quality blends and unique selections and today, we’re proud to present BnC Mix 041: Leland River.

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