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BnC Mix 042: Slick Shoota

May 14, 2019Peter Merritt

While footwork culture originated in Chicago and is still primarily being championed by Chicago producers, DJs, and dancers, international artists like Marius Mevold AKA Slick Shoota have also been instrumental in bringing the sound to a worldwide audience by incorporating elements of other genres like jungle, drum & bass, and grime. His high-octane hybrid club productions are always recognizable by the frenetic pounding groove, rap and ragga vocal chops, and of course, his infamous “LET’S MOVE” tag. An official Teklife member since 2015, Slick Shoota has laid a foundation of strong underground relevancy, while also peeking into the more mainstream side of dance music here and there with a release on Diplo’s Mad Decent and a widely supported rave smasher bootleg of Hudson Mohawke’s “Cbat” that is still making the rounds on dancefloors and festival stages all over the world despite being released almost 7 years ago. For many electronic music fans getting more interested in uptempo dance music, Slick Shoota bridges the gap into the wonderful world of 160 bpm and beyond.

We’ve been huge fans of Marius’ work for the better part of a decade now, so it goes without saying that we’re hugely honored to have him on the Booms and Claps mix series. For “BnC Mix 042: Slick Shoota,” he delivers a 38 minute offering of club-ready originals, VIPs, edits, and remixes, many of which are featured on his most recent album release “VIP VAULTS.” The 20-track collection of largely never-before-heard tracks Slick produced between 2013 and 2018. Be sure to cop the release here, and be sure to peep the mix below!

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