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BnC Mix 044: Deft

June 18, 2019Peter Merritt

The intersection of electronic music and dancefloor culture has long created an environment that nurtures DJ-able music over production intended for home listening. Electronic music lives in clubs, for better or for worse, and the current state of the industry forces most producers to make the bulk of their living from performances. They won’t get booked as regularly if their music doesn’t work in a nightclub, and so we find ourselves in a rut where danceability overrules everything else in intention. While this makes for some fantastic party music, it also means that a lot of the tracks you might hear in clubs sacrifice narrative, depth, and dynamic songwriting for easily mixable song structure, high energy levels, and palatable beat patterns and tone. It’s rare to find a producer that toes the line between creating a body of work that has meaning outside of a dancefloor-oriented environment while retaining a club-ready approach, but that’s exactly what Yip Wong AKA Deft has accomplished over his decade-long career in beat-making.

From his early self-released Bandcamp beats, to his Stones Throw/Brainfeeder-influenced work on labels like Project Mooncircle, to his more drum & bass and footwork leaning collaborations with Sam Binga and Fracture on Critical Music and Exit Records, all the way up until his most recent releases on Ivy Lab’s 20/20 LDN, Yip has covered an immense amount of musical ground while still managing to maintain a consistent and notable sound. While his sound has steadily developed and evolved throughout these releases, it is his early 2019 LP “Cracks” on the aforementioned 20/20 LDN that stands out as his “Magnum Opus.” It felt like the chronicle that started in his early career began a new chapter with this release, a chapter that represented an element of true cohesion and narrative. Easily a contender for album of the year, “Cracks” is an absolute must-listen.

To give a taste of what Deft has been working on and what’s been influencing him lately, he delivered a 52-minute mix for us of everything from lo-fi beats to footwork to leftfield techno adjacent 130 bpm bangers. It’s quite the journey, and really speaks for itself, so I’ll let the mix do the talking: we’re incredibly excited to present BnC Mix 044: Deft. Check it out, and make sure you cop “Cracks” here!


Deft – Cracks
Up High Collective – Emtio
Deft – Forme
Deft – Slippit
Vegyn – PLX XX (
Pearson Sound – Rubble
Sleeper – Greens (Deft Remix)
Jimi Perspective – Eshu
Client_03 – Prosperity Stream Divider
Great Dane – Break Yo Self
Deft – Constant K
NKC – HD Anthem
Deft – Finish
Jook – Rolling In His Grave
William Florelle & Bahia – FSG
Deft – Timber
Alix Perez – Melodrama
Injury Reserve – Jailbreak The Tesla
Special Request – Vortex 150
Denzel Currey – Birdz (Feat. Rick Ross)
J(ay) A.D. – Root of all E.V.I.L (Paper) (Taso Remix)
Flatbrush Zombies – Palm Trees (HOST Remix)
Bone Head – Busy Body
Deft – Shade
GAIKA – REGULATESW8 (Feat. Rome Fortune & Malone)
Dolenz – Nunuffruff
Vorace – Dennys
Sleepdealer & Gudo – Forever
Deft – Vello


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