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BnC Mix 045: Mystic State

July 30, 2019Peter Merritt

The latest installment in the Booms and Claps mix series comes to us from a British duo who we’ve had our eyes on for a few years now: the collaborative project of Will Marquiss & Mike Holliday AKA Mystic State. It’s hard to put these two in a box, with influences ranging from drum and bass and jungle to hip-hop and R&B down to dubstep and garage, but with an impressive list of label affiliations including J:Kenzo’s Artikal Music and uptempo titans like Flexout Audio and Halogen Music, their unique and clean production style clearly rings true whatever the genre. We first took notice of Mystic State several years back with their vibey footwork-adjacent beat “808 Gravediggin'” on the aforementioned Halogen Music, and since then, we’ve seen them release everything from meditative 140bpm stompers to chunky hip-hop beats that you would probably catch on Noisia Radio. Although both members hail from the Bristol area, they’re now split internationally, with Will in Calgary, AB (We sure do love our neighbors to the North!) and Mike still in the UK, so expect to see more North American appearances from Mystic State soon! We’re very excited to welcome them to the mix series, and without further ado, we’re proud to present BnC Mix 045: Mystic State.



Mystic State – Close Thirteen [Forthcoming Methlab]
Synkro & Marrenn Sukie – Get Together [Synkro Music]
Troy Gunner – Capacity [Demand]
Makahala – The Realms [Makahala]
Random Movement – Dancing (Sinistarr Remix) [Rubik]
J. Robinson – Congoman [Rupture]
Mystic State & Levrige – ?? [Dub]
Captivate – Discipline [Deviant Audio]
Crypticz – Ocean Blue [Forthcoming Western Lore]
Photek – T’Raenon [ART Records]
A Path Untold – Conciousness Aqueduct (Mystic State Remix) [Aquatic Collective]
Andyskopes – Heroin Wash [Metalheadz]
Outer Heaven – Trapline [UVB-76]
Mystic State & Kit Curse – Diablo [Cyclone]
Mystic State – Dangerous Liaison (feat. MC Fokus) [Dub]
Deviant & Mystic State – The Author [The Chikara Project]
Deft – Done [20/20]
Westside Doom – 2 Stings (Mesck Flip) [Dub]
Glume & Phossa – Hatchet [White Peach]
Ago – Above [Innamind]
Phossa – ?? [Dub]
JFO – Destroyer of Worlds [Dub]
Hydro & War – Double Glazed [Utopia Music]
Pugilist – Motive [Dub]
Sub Basics – Zombie [Dub]
Mystic State – Society (feat. Astrid) [Dub]
Pugilist – Natural Selection [Dub]
Another Channel – Babylon Run (Babe Roots Remix) [Moonshine]

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