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BnC Mix 050: Anna Morgan

April 28, 2020Peter Merritt

Cross-cultural connections are more valuable than gold in the music scene. Jungle and footwork are great on their own, but together? That’s where the magic happens. R&B? Cool. Grime? Great. R&B/Grime fusion? Sign us UP. Rap? Yup. Rock? Yeah… Well, maybe we could have just skipped the 90’s/2000’s rap-rock era and the whole world would’ve been just fine, but you get my point.

LA-based (via NYC) Anna Morgan brings those cross-cultural connections to life through her work as a producer, DJ, label-head (shoutout¬†Worst Behavior Recordings), promoter, and even fellow blog curator (The Footwork Jungle!!!). She draws on inspiration from all over the world, with a focus in high-energy and uptempo club music. Drum & bass, dancehall, electro, footwork, rap, afrobeat, ghettotech, dubstep, and wonky beat music all make appearances in the sphere of Anna Morgan’s influence, whether it be a party she’s throwing, a DJ mix she’s piecing together, or a tune she’s writing.

With today’s offering, Anna uses our mix series as a canvas to blend all of those influences into an hour-long journey through her world of soundsystem culture and infectious energy. The work truly speaks for itself, so I’ll leave it at that: we’re proud to present BnC Mix 050: Anna Morgan.

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