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BnC’s Bass Coast Favorites

July 8, 2015Peter Merritt

Bass Coast 2015 is coming up this weekend! The Booms and Claps crew is massively hyped to be out in the woods enjoying one of the best bass music lineups of the summer this side of the Atlantic ocean (s/o Outlook Festival… someday…). We thought we’d give you a little peek at the artists that we’re looking forward to the most this weekend! If you’d like a little more information on the festival, you should check out our writeup and interview with co-founder Andrea Graham AKA The Librarian.

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To be honest, many of the artists on this lineup don’t need much of an introduction. If UK bass music interests you in any way, then Om Unit is most likely a household name. A pioneer in the halftime drum and bass/footwork/autonomic realm that is growing so quickly in the UK and beyond, Jim Coles has been revolutionizing the bass music scene for almost a decade. With releases on Metalheadz, Civil Music, Exit Records, and Terrorhythm Recordings and his own label, Cosmic Bridge, he has slowly but surely brought a new sound to a genre that had been rigid in its ways for decades. While this is impressive in its own right, even more impressive is the fact that Om Unit has held the attention of people well beyond the UK bass music scene, having even been recently asked to do a remix for the ever elusive “TRVP LORD”, UZ himself. I’ve only seen Om Unit once, but I was simply blown away by his skills as a DJ, and more importantly, the absolutely mind-shattering dubs he has stacked up as one of the most influential producers and DJs in the game.


While Om Unit may hold the title in the darker realm of halftime drum and bass, Sam Binga certainly is his counterpart in the hotter, more synth-driven and percussive side of the genre. For lack of a better comparison, Sam Binga makes the bangers. He’s worked with some of the best vocalists out there, including Redders and Rider Shafrique, as well as collaborating with many titans of UK bass music, such as Fracture, Deft, and Om Unit himself. I’ve been waiting years to see him and have never had the chance to before now, so it’s safe to say that I’m more than excited. Having listened to his mixes countless times, I’m confident that his DJing abilities are impeccable. DO NOT MISS THIS.


A resident of the BC area, Self Evident is one of the more prominent names in Canadian bass music, at least for anyone who likes tunes in the 160-170 range. A couple years back, he released one of my favorite 160 tunes of all time, a collaboration with fellow Bass Coast artist Max Ulis, entitled “Numba One Stunna”. The track’s deep monstrous vocal sample and epic string intro craft a rising energy for the tune that builds until it drops into a minimal whirling whistling lead that, simply put, just hits right where it needs to. I’m very interested to see how his production translates to the live setting.


At this point, there’s not much left for us to say about Greg Jones that we haven’t already said. He is what we like to refer to as a “habitual line-stepper”; someone who not only stays current with status quo (the proverbial “line”), but consistently pushes the status quo into the next dimension (stepping over the proverbial “line”). His productions are consistently next-level but always retain a dance-floor orientation that makes them undeniably attractive, even to someone who might not tend towards the forward-thinking variety of electronic music. That quality translates to his live performances in an infectious manner that keeps the dance floor dynamic, full of energy, and always active. This is a no brainer. Go see G Jones or forever live with regret.


When the word “versatile” is thrown around, there are few names that come to mind quicker than Andre Lira AKA Doctor Jeep. With roots in techno, garage, dubstep, footwork, grime, dancehall, and pretty much any other genre you can think of, his mixes and DJ sets are nothing short of impressive. Blending styles flawlessly is the name of the game for Doctor Jeep. Sticking with one genre or tempo for an hour seems to be just about the last thing on his to-do list. When it comes to production, I think it’s sufficient to just say that two releases on NYC’s legendary Trouble and Bass solidifies a producer in my mind as undeniably top-tier. Doctor Jeep is another artist on the lineup I’ve been aching to catch for years now, but have yet to have the opportunity to see live. I have VERY high expectations. 🙂


The addition of Flow-Fi artist Ekali to Bass Coast’s lineup is just a testament to the commitment to diversity the festival takes when crafting its lineup. Ekali takes a very different approach to bass music than most of the other UK-style oriented artists at Bass Coast. His tunes are mostly hip-hop and R&B oriented, with the focus often being on lower tempo beats with massive 808’s over a fusion of haunting rap vocals and atmospheric instrumentation. I’m extremely excited that he’ll be part of the all-star lineup that will be going down Sunday night on the “Slay Bay” stage. Perfect late-night vibes.



Traditionally known for his dubstep productions, but ultimately another extremely versatile producer when it comes to diverse tempos and styles. I was fortunate enough to catch a J:Kenzo set the last time he was in the States at Emissions West Coast Bass Culture in 2014, and was extremely impressed. As usual, the incredibly high standard for DJing in the UK is painfully obvious when we’re graced with UK legends on the West Coast. J:Kenzo is certainly not an exception. His productions have been rinsed heavily all over the world by heavy hitters in the bass music scene, especially his 2012 dance floor smasher “Ruffhouse”  (feat. Rod Azlan). His set is an absolute must-see at Bass Coast, and I’m once again excited that he’ll be playing smack dab in the middle of the Sunday night destruction at the “Slay Bay” stage.


Consisting of the Vancouver’s own legendary HxDb and DJ CURE, the new collaborative project Greazu$ has been gaining international recognition, already receiving DJ and radio support from Ivy Lab and fellow Bass Coasters Om Unit and Sam Binga. The new project spans everything from footwork to grime to 2-step, and the collaborative DJ sets Greazu$ plays are no different. I was recently lucky enough to witness their first US appearance in Seattle, and was completely enthralled with the compatibility of their styles as DJs and performers. Their set will undoubtedly be a highlight of the weekend.

To be honest, making a “Must-See Artists” list for this festival is somewhat futile, because essentially every artist on the lineup is a “Must-See”. Keeping that in mind, we would like to shout out a couple other artists who we’re especially keen on catching this weekend: The Librarian, Mat the Alien, Danny Corn, Barisone, Max Ulis, Sinistarr, EPROM, Justin Martin, J Phlip,  and Sabo.

Who are you most excited to see? Hit us up in the comments and let us know! See you all this weekend in Merritt, BC!

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