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BOATS – Vapors: Free 20 Track Release

January 29, 2014Peter Merritt

Those of you that reside in the Bay Area are most likely already familiar with BOATS, but if you’re not, he is DEFINITELY someone you want to be looking out for. He first came to my attention last year with several beats and remixes posted on his Soundcloud that sounded like a perfect blend of space-age gangster crunk and Flying Lotus-esque instumental hip-hop, including a remix of the classic Aalyiah track “Rock the Boat” and a beat on the 65th installment of the Team Supreme beat cypher series. The release of his bass-heavy track “Lightzing” several months later on Bleep Bloop‘s 710 Records brought him to our attention again, and in a big way. As we all know, the support of the Reverend Bleep Bloop is a surefire sign of a fantastic producer, and “Lightzing” proved that BOATS is just that. His consistent Soundcloud presence and his regular appearances at established Bay Area venues have solidified him in my book as a bass producer to watch out for.

Almost out of nowhere, about a week ago, he released “Vapors” through Dollops, an Oakland based label. It is a collection of 20 tracks, both new and old, polished and unpolished (although I didn’t find any that sounded unpolished). My personal favorite is the tropical roller beat “Rollin Wit Amir“, but “Glazed” and “Drop a Track” have been receiving quite a bit of play as well. This type of release has become quite popular recently, with similar large releases of seemingly random tracks (some apparently unfinished) by producers such as ELOQ and Flying Lotus. Hopefully we will be seeing more of these releases in the future, because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love an out-of-the-blue release of a ton of tracks from one of their favorite producers? All in all, keep an eye out for BOATS, because big things are on the horizon for this dude!

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  • Bryn Morgan

    January 30, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    i am really diggin derby what a traack

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