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Booms and Claps: Volume 2 Compilation

June 25, 2015Ben Carvalho

We’ve grown since our first compilation dropped a year ago; we started a mix series, we’re throwing the first official BnC show soon in Portland, and people even read our posts occasionally. Shouts to everyone who’s taken the time to follow us, music blogs have not fared well the past year, but your love has kept this little niche of weird bass going strong.

Now that we have that sappiness out of the way, we can get to why you’re reading this: free music! As a proper thank you for the love, we’ve compiled our second free compilation. While Volume 1 showcased hella West Coast producers, we’ve cast our net wider this year to include a cast of producers from across the bass spectrum. We have DRILL DRILL coming in hot from Hamburg, Philly’s finest Dev79 and Shanghai badman Conrank rounding out our West-centric selection. We also hit up local favorites Shlump, Sayer, Tsuruda, ONHELL, The OriGinALz, S∆LO (yes New Mexico is local, just go with it) and Chrome Wolves as well as two lesser known producers we’ve had our ear on, Seattle’s Charlux and Humboldt’s SuDs. The results speak for themselves, everyone brought their A game and we couldn’t be more pleased.

A special thank you to all the producers involved in this undertaking, to Peter at PrismaPhonic for his expert mastering skills/mixing advice, and to our squad’s resident bad-ass/artist Molly Brooks.

Download the entire compilation HERE.


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