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Camp Questionmark’s “The Carnival” TICKET GIVEAWAY

July 28, 2015Peter Merritt

“Ain’t no party like a Camp ? party, cuz a Camp ? party is lit AF.”


Here at Booms and Claps, the low-end is undeniably important. When judging the value of an event, our questions usually range from the obvious: “Who’s playing?” to the slightly less obvious “Who’s throwing the show?” to the often overlooked, but realistically most crucial, “What kind of sound is there?”. Fortunately for us, our beloved West Coast is blessed with a crew of low-end enthusiasts by the name of Camp Questionmark who NEVER have us asking these questions about their parties. Time after time, their events prove to be refreshing in a sea of homogeneous and unoriginal parties. Their commitment to forward-thinking, cutting edge bass music is exemplified deeply in every facet of their extravagant events. Their lineups are always chalk full of not only legends in bass music, but the up-and-coming artists from around the world that everyone else is too scared to book because they’re not quite popular enough yet. Their production value is top-notch, always coming correct with a variety of thoroughly surreal and borderline hallucinatory art installations, which is not even to mention the world-class projection mapped visuals they scatter across their beautiful stage designs. Last but not least, Camp Q events always pack some of the largest and hardest-hitting sound systems this side of the Mississippi, with special attention paid to the low-end (just how we like it). Whether it be massive PK Sound rigs or crisp Basscraft Void systems, Camp Q always goes the extra mile to ensure that sound system culture is well-represented at their events.

Of course, Camp Questionmark is most well-known for their Burning Man camp. Believe it or not, running a massive Burning Man soundcamp is quite an expensive venture, so Camp Questionmark gets together every once in a while to hold fundraisers so that they can provide the excellent bass culture experience they’ve gained a reputation for on the playa. Not that we need more of a reason to want to attend a Camp ? event, but knowing that the event is supporting underground bass music in the desert is definitely an added bonus.

This time around, Camp Questionmark is embarking on an experiential journey on August 7th at the Palace Theatre in Oakland, Ca for “The Carnival“, featuring none other than bass music heavyweights UZ, AWE, um.., Trevor Kelly, The Originalz, Muppetpunk, Skulltrane and Carly D, Sugardaddy, Portal, and Treyzilla.  This lineup speaks for itself, with the ever-mysterious “TRVP LORD”  UZ assuming the headlining spot. Team Supreme yungin AWE and wonky up-and-comer um.. come in hot right behind him,  and the support lineup rounds out the night with performers who have set the standards in West Coast bass music (Trevor Kelly, The Originalz, Skulltrane). Music-wise, Camp Q has never disappointed us, and this event is no different. Production-wise, expect a full PK Sound rig, as usual, as well as the aforementioned world-class visuals and art installations.

Turns out, in addition to throwing phenomenal parties, Camp Questionmark is also quite a generous group of bass aficionados, and have decided to allow us to give away a ticket for the event to one lucky winner. To learn more about how to win, click here!

To purchase tickets for your friends who aren’t as lucky as you are, click here!

To learn more about the event in general, click here, and don’t forget to click attending on the Facebook event page!

I’ve included some links to music from some of the artists on the lineup below, in case some of you aren’t familiar. Crank that sub, my friends.

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