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Cashmere Cat- Wedding Bells EP Review

February 17, 2014Ben Carvalho

Cashmere Cat has built a remarkable following with his unique brand of bass music soundscapes: myriads of sounds and textures woven into evolving patterns, clattering under airy melodies and vocal hooks. His newest three song EP on Lucky Me is another lovely entry into his catalog of music. There are faults but they are overcome by the sheer exuberance of each piece.

Wedding Bells is a mixed bag, showing both the best and most annoying qualities of Cashmere Cat’s work. The sounds are organic and beautiful, the melodies are joyful and the switch from the flute to a playful beat at apes big room house tropes had me grinning. However Wedding Bells is over-compressed to the point of being abrasive and tinny, a fault shared with his precious release With Me. It’s a shame, as this over-compression destroys the intricate and organic nature Cashmere Cat’s productions have championed.

Pearls uses the insistent kick pattern of a club tune, with breaths replacing the customary bed spring squeaks, but buries its dancefloor vibe under layers of chords, melodious vocals and skipping clicks. This choice lets the track bounce forward with a life of its own, unfettered by the formula with which it toys.

Rice Rain showcases the best themes of Cashmere Cat’s work, sweetly distorted vocals and strings elevate the atmosphere while soft metallic impacts and water drops provide a delicate physicality to the piece. Each sound dwells in a unique space, immersing you in a cacophony of cuteness.

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