• BnC Mix 050: Anna Morgan

    April 28, 2020 Peter Merritt

    Cross-cultural connections are more valuable than gold in the music scene. Jungle and footwork are great on their own, but together? That’s where the magic happens. R&B? Cool. Grime? Great. R&B/Grime fusion? Sign us UP. Rap? Yup. Rock? Yeah… Well, maybe we could have just skipped the 90’s/2000’s rap-rock era and the whole world would’ve…

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  • BnC Mix 050: Hyroglifics

    April 7, 2020 Peter Merritt

    Today’s installment in the Booms and Claps Mix Series comes to us from Bristol-based uptempo bass music producer Hyroglifics, and while most would consider him first-and-foremost a drum and bass producer, he’s not quite so easy to categorize. He exploded onto the scene six years ago with his freshman excursion, “BINARY Vol. 1” on the widely…

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  • BnC Mix 048: Mandai

    October 8, 2019 Mike Vincent

    We’re very stoked to get one of our favorite Canadian selectors, Mandai, a spot on the mix series today. Witnessing her fill in for an absent Om Unit at Symbiosis 2017 Eclipse festival on the Moon Stage will forever be burned into our psyche. Strap in for this one. Whether it’s rap, grime, RnB, bass,…

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  • BnC Mix 047: Lewis James

    October 2, 2019 Peter Merritt

    Today’s installment in the Booms and Claps mix series comes to us from London’s Lewis James in the form of a 47 minute turbo-charged high octane journey through halftime drum and bass beats, footwork, jungle, electro-influenced ghettotech and juke, and 160 bpm rave music. We’ve had our eye on Lewis for quite some time now,…

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  • BnC Mix 046: Danny Corn

    August 6, 2019 Mike Vincent

    We are extremely excited to bring you the 46th installment of the mix series today, featuring the one and only Danny Corn of the Wake the Town crew. This mix follows two incredibly well received performances: early Saturday morning at Bass Coast last month, and opening for Om Unit in Portland this past weekend. We can…

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  • BnC Mix 045: Mystic State

    July 30, 2019 Peter Merritt

    The latest installment in the Booms and Claps mix series comes to us from a British duo who we’ve had our eyes on for a few years now: the collaborative project of Will Marquiss & Mike Holliday AKA Mystic State. It’s hard to put these two in a box, with influences ranging from drum and…

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  • BnC Mix 044: Deft

    June 18, 2019 Peter Merritt

    The intersection of electronic music and dancefloor culture has long created an environment that nurtures DJ-able music over production intended for home listening. Electronic music lives in clubs, for better or for worse, and the current state of the industry forces most producers to make the bulk of their living from performances. They won’t get…

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  • BnC Mix 043: Crypticz

    June 4, 2019 Peter Merritt

    If you’ve been paying attention to the deeper side of “drum and bass adjacent” music at all for the past eight years, you’ve undoubtedly taken notice of the Bristol based, Papa Om Unit led, powerhouse of an imprint known as Cosmic Bridge.  This label has led the charge in the exploration of ethereal soundscapes, dubwise…

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  • BnC Mix 042: Slick Shoota

    May 14, 2019 Peter Merritt

    While footwork culture originated in Chicago and is still primarily being championed by Chicago producers, DJs, and dancers, international artists like Marius Mevold AKA Slick Shoota have also been instrumental in bringing the sound to a worldwide audience by incorporating elements of other genres like jungle, drum & bass, and grime. His high-octane hybrid club…

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  • BnC Mix 040: Murder He Wrote

    April 4, 2019 Peter Merritt

    Meet James Ongley AKA Murder He Wrote: self-proclaimed mystery writer and amateur detective by day, prodigal son of UK Funky by night. While we haven’t had the chance to research any of his investigative work or read any of his novels, his all-star status in the UK Funky community and beyond as a producer, DJ,…

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