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Charlux, New Wave Grime and Bringing the UK to the West Coast

March 14, 2014Ben Carvalho

While listening to the fantastic Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM show a couple weeks ago, a huge 4/4 grime tune grabbed my attention. Roughly textured and rude, I knew the aptly named Neck Snap was something special. When I found the producer didn’t hail from across the pond, but rather nearby Seattle, I had to hit up Charlux for a chat. What follows amounts to a very informal interview as well as an introduction to the darker sounds of the UK.

*A sub is definitely recommended for the music here, as MC Toast says, “It’s all about them layers beneath.”

This crazy experimental 130ish stuff dudes like Mumdance have been pushing has a shot at (catching on in the west coast scene).

Yeah, the whole 130/new wave is an exciting advancement for grime and UK style bass in general.

How’d you get into UK bass to begin with?

Well, before I was producing generic mainstream house tracks, because I was fairly new to the electronic realm and I didn’t really know of much else and it eventually got very boring. But on a forum once I heard some one talking about Garage and I was curious about it. I did some searching and came across “Duke St. Dub” by Sully, and it was magic. I started to make 2 step garage then.

Ya I noticed you have some real quality garage tracks from over a year ago. Definitively a worthwhile switch in sound. Have you had success playing shows with this material?

I actually don’t play out…yet. I’m new to the Seattle area, and where I lived before there was absolutely no market for it.

If you were to play out, what are a few tracks you’re really feeling at the moment?

The bits that have been revealed off of Wen‘s new album “Signals” are sounding huge. Particularly “Play Your Corner”, which is an exciting one considering there aren’t that many new wave grime tracks that are Mc’d over.

*You can, and should, stream Wen’s upcoming album here.

Very true on that, Wen recently had an interview with Thump in which he discussed sampling MC’s lines as part of the rhythm, but actually hearing an MC over a beat is rare. Who would be the ideal MC to spit over your beats?

I’d have to say Flowdan. He’s one of those MC’s that is always doing something interesting.

Yes! One of my favorites as well. What’s next for you? Any releases being planned?

Yes, Neck Snap along with three other tracks are forthcoming on the label Hear Other Sounds. Also I’m collaborating with my friend, who goes by Nights on some tracks and we are hoping for a joint release in the future.

As in Small world if so, I’ve talked to him via Tumblr before, he’s had some good releases lately. Look forward to that.

Haha, small world indeed. Yeah, we’ve got some dark minimal vibes in the work, pretty different then anything I’ve done as of yet.

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Much love to Charlux for the interview. Give us some love if you’re feeling this style. I’m personally deep into this vibe and if there’s interest among our beautiful readers, I’d love to keep pushing this sound on BnC.

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