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Chompa – Circling The Square Exclusive Sneak Peak

November 4, 2014Zac Krohn

Many of us contemplate what the future will look like, but have you ever considered how it might sound? Chompa explores this question through his music, concocting cinematic soundscapes of a dystopian future. Next week, this up and coming producer will release his debut EP, Circling The Square. Drawing on an array of influences, from sci-fi soundtracks to 808s, Circling The Square does a great job showing the versatility of this Vallejo California artist in 3 short tracks.

It’s safe to say, when you come out of the gate with support from labels such as 710 Records and MalLabel, you’re bound to catch our staff’s attention. Which is why we are very excited to give you guys a sneak preview of his track Drum Circles before the rest of the release comes out next week. While the words “Drum Circle” may bring to mind a bunch of hippies gathered together beating on drums, Chompa redefines the phrase with deep echoing percussion so immersive it will leave your head spinning. Combined with its spine tingling melody, this track conjures visions of an interstellar chase scene.

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