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Crunksauce Vol IV brings new talent to Chillage Records

July 9, 2015Zac Krohn

Chillage Records are back at it again with the latest addition to their showcase compilation series, Crunksauce Vol 4. Known for their emphasis on thick juicy basslines, and for frequently incorporating their own live instrumentation, this collective of producers have established themselves as a serious force in West Coast bass culture. We’ve been following a lot of these guys for years now and it’s really exciting to watch each one develop as an artist and the whole group propel forward. This volume feels like a huge level up from previous volumes, not only in quality of music, but the range of styles achieved while staying true to that classic Chillage Records bass. You’ll hear from old favorites such as Spoken Bird, Urple Eeple, Elevated Mind, as well as some newer names including CharlestheFirst, Opal Dusk, and Mister Boyfriend.

Newcomer CharlestheFirst opens the comp with “All Ways”, easing you in with something catchy and mellow. A dreamy xylophonic melody plays contrasts against buzzing bass. Achieving surprisingly clean and crisp production, while still making a strong impression, another one of our writers has described this sound as “Future Lobby Music…but in a good way!”

Urple Eeple and SWAGU swirl some sensual in the sauce with their colab “Ohhhh Babbyyyy”. Perfectly encapsulating the vibes of a lazy Sunday morning, its laid back beat and sexy vocal hook are infectious and perfect for getting your day started. Once you’ve had your coffee of course.

Mister Boyfriend is another newer addition to the label, first appearing last April when they released his debut EP, A Long Walk on The Beats. His track “Too Quiet” is anything but; laser guitar riffs collide with a glittery glitch hop melody, creating a funky wiggle reminiscent of what Opiuo would sound like if he grew up on the West Coast. Crisp snares and choppy pitched vocals pepper this track with a gritty texture.

In Megowan‘s “Crescendoes in Violence”, the intro somehow manages to toe the line between chill and foreboding. Its resonant chimes echo over soft chanting in a way that is both haunting and soothing. The slurring baseline squishes back and forth between your ears like riverbed mud between your toes. A twirling transition presents a twist in the second half of the track, dropping into a faster and more aggressive tempo.

After a monster track from Big Joe Daddy which reminds me a bit of Bassnectar, Wu Wei transitions the compilation back into some chiller material. “Broken Glass” is an uplifting track with a liberal dash of sexy. Rolling waves of luscious bass bathe the listener in bliss while indiscernible vocals murmur over softly twinkling arpeggios.


Check out the full release on their Bandcamp and follow Chillage Records on Facebook

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