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Devin Kroes – Through The Window

January 20, 2015Zac Krohn

If you’re a frequent reader at BnC, you’re probably aware that we’ve got a lot of love for the melody driven squishy bass music coming from Chillage Records. The next installment of their catalog is a new EP from Devin Kroes, titled Through the Window. Devin fuses his love of electronic music with years worth of traditional musical training. Over the past few years he’s put his name on the map by appearing on the soundtrack to The Bloom Series, collaborating alongside fellow Bay Area resident WALA, and having tracks on several notable West Coast labels including MalLabel, Street Ritual, and previous Chillage releases.

Through The Window gives us a sampling of an artist who doesn’t seem too concerned about sticking to a specific genre and can carry his sound across many styles. The EP opens with “Heartbeat”, a glitchy track that alternates between being upbeat and introspective. Further on, “Elf Machines” gives us a peek into an eerie dimension where small creatures roam. The song opens with syrupy sitars and booming bass hits, its dark bass line gurgles mechanically over a haunting violin melody. Such an epic psychedelic track just wouldn’t be complete without a dash of Terrence McKenna.

The title track, which completely contrasts Elf Machines, is perhaps my favorite. Its immersive atmosphere conjures visions of peacefully floating through liquid realms. Layers of texture are created from muted murmuring synths and strummed acoustic guitar. The soaring violin line is reminiscent of Plantrae or Ilya Goldberg (Emancipator). With his remix, Wu Wei completely flips the vibe of “Through The Window” speeding up the tempo with a catchy beat that gives you the feeling that you’re now being propelled through the waters at roller coaster speeds.

Download the album from Bandcamp!

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