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Doshy – Hijacked

December 26, 2013Ben Carvalho

With releases from the likes of Ganz, G Jones, Krampfhaft and heRobust, the heady crew at Saturate Records in Germany are a perfect match for Berlin-based Doshy‘s recent productions. Saturate releases consistently marry dance-floor-hype with forward-thinking psychedelic production values, making them a constant favorite here at Booms and Claps. Doshy has been on a similar mission, using dirty hip hop beats and wonky sound design to rock dance floors and brain cells on both sides of the Atlantic. The product of this match, Doshy’s Hijacked EP, succeeds in furthering this flavor on all fronts.

Hijacked starts off with Automatic Drug Booster, very much in line with Doshy’s sound, it sports the relevant sample “Let’s get this thing sta-” repeated in multiple pitches over a beat which sets itself apart in the midsection;  the kicks morphing into descending grunts of sub bass.

The EP truly takes flight however with Ghetto Bird, Doshy’s collaborative effort with hoodie-aficionado and BnC favorite G Jones. Ghetto Bird takes full advantage of its rather short run time, taking off with a wet grime bassline framed by horns and an eerie West Coast whistle. G Jones’ signature delayed vocal samples and lasers are out in force as well, building to a crescendo that overwhelms the listener and resets the tune for the more horn-focused conclusion.

The titular title track, Hijacked, flows naturally from Ghetto Bird’s outro. Once again utilizing horns to frame the track, Doshy this time throws down an insane beat constructed out of descending blips, water drops and some especially mesmerizing chopped vocals. For me the icing on the future-cake here is the intricacy of his hi-hat patterns, especially their interplay with the breakdown and second drop. Delicious.

Doshy switches gears next, offering sounds and structures that deviate from the formula established in the EP’s opening tracks. Between its 2:18 run time and repeated 8-note melody, Flash Wiggles should be nothing more than a sketch, yet the sickening and evolving synth work take this collab with Shanghai’s Conrank into full-fledged screwface territory far before its premature finish (don’t worry it happens to everyone). Cybergrime Industries sees Doshy fully embracing his earlier flirtations with the Official Horn of Trap while Malfunction is an exploration in booty bass, similar to Salva’s recent productions.

Hijacked EP closes with Prosthetic Removal, along with remixes by Conrank and fellow German producer Joney. Putting a Saturate-spin on the jungle-revivalism that’s been en vogue all year, Prosthetic Removal manages to be an uplifting closing track without diminishing its booty-rocking utility. For the remixes, Conrank takes the track further into mellow future jungle territory, while Joney shoves the same breakbeats back into the club for one last footwork-driven encore.

A lot of boxes are ticked with this release, DJ’s, club-goers and home listeners alike will find a lot to love throughout Hijacked’s trippy-but-twerky odyssey. It seems that releasing on Saturate has reined in some of Doshy’s eccentricities, but far from complaining, we can only hope this more accessible work gives him the attention he deserves as one of bass music’s finest beat-smiths.

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