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EASTGHOST drops “Omniscient, They”, melts minds

September 4, 2014Mike Vincent

If you’ve not heard of Portland-based producer EASTGHOST yet, right NOW is the perfect time. He’s recently achieved some major success with his tune “Voyeur”, with over 250,000 plays on Soundcloud. His production skills are top notch, creating exquisite, celestial atmospheres with every tune he creates. Yesterday he gave us a sneak peak into his third independent release with the self-titled single “Omniscient, They”. This track starts off with more of an ambient feel to it, with vocals strewn throughout to create a feeling I like to describe as “being in a church”. Shortly after the choir joins in on the fun, the track begins to take on more structure with some snaps and bloop-y percussion, morphing into a 4×4 beat and slowly building up to absolute chaos, which then transitions into a quick juked-out segment. This track is truly all over the place in the best of ways. Keep an out out for this release.

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