EDGEM’s Secret Garden EP and the Art of Emotionally-Actualized Grime Bangers

March 17, 2015Ben Carvalho


We live in a time of flourishing grime. Between Skepta and Novelist playing the young priest/ old priest of MC-led grime, Logos and Mumdance re-purposing the entire hardcore continuum to forward their abstract nu-vision, and Murlo and Dark0 repping the sweetboy riddim-makers of the game, there have been a ton of words written about the vitality and potential the genre. One storied area of grime that gets strangely overlooked is instrumental bangers. Perhaps this is just the influence of journos on any genre, but coverage of this renaissance has been strangely lacking the vintage horns and charging 140 basslines that define so many of the classics.

Enter EDGEM: the collaborative effort of JT The Goon, Dullah Beatz and Boylan, EDGEM aims to put gunfinger-worthy grime back in the spotlight. Their combined talents of soaring flutes, galloping bass and near-dubstep wobbles mix far better than one would expect. In fact, this interplay of JT The Goon’s sinogrime sentimentality and Dullah Beatz’s thundering horns has made their debut Secret Garden EP a beautifully hype record. Whether it’s played in South London or Northern California, tracks like “Secret Garden” and “The Anthem” are sure get people jumping in glee.

EDGEM’s Secret Garden EP is available on their Bandcamp, as well as all the usual digital outlets. Highly recommended purchase.

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