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Elevated Mind – Elliptical Fields

February 4, 2014Zac Krohn

Bay Area producer Will Bauer introduced himself to many of us by winning Nit Grit’s Babylon remix contest, going by the name Dubzilla. The track had an even darker, dirtier feel than the original, while still maintaining it’s melodic style. The win was quite a feat considering the competition which included fellow up-and-comers such as Minnesota, K-Theory, and Getter. As impressive as it was, the track was just a sneak peak at was coming from this artist. More recently, Dubzilla has been heard collaborating with Spoken Bird and other Chillage Records companions, crafting gooped out hip hop remixes.

Will has now changed his moniker to Elevated Mind, signaling not so much a change in style, but a new stage of evolution. His debut EP, Elliptical Fields, is full of gritty bass lines and melodies we’ve come to expect but also shows an artist who has come a long way. He has beefed up his production, creating a very rich sound. The EP has a really nice flow and showcases both the mellower tracks as well heavy ones. Elliptical Fields opens with Out of Reach, a track that bubbles with sexy vibes and pitched down vocals. Sway starts off soft with bleeps playing over a wet glitchy beat, but don’t be fooled by the intro, the drops on this one sound like they were shoved under water and are gasping for life. Diamonds Up is a funky lazer bass track with attitude. The EP closes  with the introspective, On The Fence, this song makes me think about traveling through space, I really love all the little glitchy noises that make up the beat. Elliptical Fields is a self release through Bandcamp.

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