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Embark on a Cosmic Adventure with Digid

December 2, 2014Ben Carvalho

Digid has been on our radar since we first heard his mammoth Kromestar-influenced dub “Lion’s Path“. Though he’s previously stuck to a dubby 140 sound palette, Digid’s new Cosmic Adventures EP on Surfase Records sees him following that Kromestar influence to the starry wonder of slowfast. Coined by Om Unit and his Cosmic Bridge stable, the slowfast sound is, at its basic level, an amalgamation of halftime dnb and purple music, perfectly tuned for astral travelers and smokey stargazers alike.

Digid nails his foray into this fresh genre while keeping his identity intact. EP-standout “Promise” may be full of arps and purple tones, but the bassline is a swampy, textured beast more in line with dubstep’s riddim sound than anything the Cosmic Bridge crew is synthesizing. Elsewhere on the EP, “Mirage” is a warp-speed jungle/footwork hybrid while “Supernova” undulates its way through the cosmos. “Lifeline” is reminiscent of older Minnesota tracks, brimming with reverbed bliss and more of those plink-y arps. Rounding out the EP, TMSV takes “Lifeline” into even thicker vibes, while Surfase boss RDG puts a dubstep spin on “Promise” that’s sure to get faces scrunchy.

If you love this cosmic sound as much as we do, Digid’s new tunes are can’t-miss status. Available now via Surfase’s bandcamp.

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