Emissions 2014 Recap

July 23, 2014Zac Krohn

It’s been over two months and I’m still asking myself ‘did that really happen???’. After years of failed attempts, I finally made it to my first Emissions festival! Although it was a little different than a most festivals I go to, I found it to be an equally fulfilling adventure in sonic bliss. I had opportunity to see tons of producers who don’t usually get booked at other festivals I attend and discover a few new ones as well. Camp QuestionMark’s production values are incredible, they had by far the biggest sound systems (Chest crushing PKs at the main stage and vertebrae vibrating Voids at the other) and the most dazzling lights/visual setup that I have seen for any event of it’s size. Their stage design is really artistic and unique, a combination of street art, ancient architecture and spaceships. 1912553_10152888093763047_3918713525248298281_o As you likely already know Q-Mark put together an incredible lineup. The music was on point all weekend but, personally I found Saturday to be a major highlight. Three Booms and Claps compilation artists opened the main stage, BOATS, Urple Eeple, and Perkulat0r. It was my first time catching all three, and each exceeded my expectations. It was great to see a crowd swarm the dance floor as Perkulat0r’s set progressed. 10380666_10152997116143047_6632194315683774475_o Later in the evening San Francisco producer Mikos da Gawd blended west coast classics with the Soulection chill hip hop sound. Next we had the truly amazing opportunity to see legendary hip hop supergroup, Deltron 3030. It was really great to have an act so different that fit in so well. The 5 member band did a great job covering classic favorites as well as tracks from their newer LP, Event II. They had really great chemistry and it was equally cool to see Dan the Automator and DJ Quest as Del the Funky Homosapien. We were all having so much fun, that the set flew by, when it was over it felt like minutes had passed. They appeased our hunger for more by closing with Gorillaz’s Clint Eastwood, making the crowd go wild, singing along to every word. I’ve had a lot of special moments on the dance floor, but that ranks among the most epic. We bounced over to the second stage to catch Trevor Kelly and Yheti. Back at the main stage Doshy brought high energy to his set, getting the crowd super pumped up for his first ever appearance in America. G Jones followed up, giving the PKs a serious workout with his bass heavy tunes. 10553886_10152997118298047_5886634972518718874_o During the days the river stage went off! Relaxing in the shade with friends new and old, good conversations were abundant. The cool Feather River and incredible views were perfect for recharging the batteries for nights full of dancing. I discovered  two really great Canadian producers; Saratonin who remixes classic r&b and hip hop tracks with her own vocals, and DeFunk whose bass infused jazzy glitch was perfect for the daytime vibes. 10443152_10152991972188047_5932681326356513314_o The general consensus from people who have been around since the beginning is that this festival grows in awesomeness with each year. I can only dream of what that means for next year. If you’ve ever considered this one, you can’t go wrong.

Photos By Kenny Hoff, Check out his whole album!

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